Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Stay - Gay Club in Istanbul

LGBT+ VENUE REVIEWS - Stay Club Taksim
"Its an amazing place guys! Workers are so kind, music will take you to heaven. .. It s in heart of Istanbul, Taksim'. Free entry, good price for drinks. İ highly recommend this place." 

Stay - Gay Club in Istanbul: Stay Club Taksim - Brea friendly gay club in Istanbul. Information including its address, location map, pictures, videos, reviews, comments, events and party announcements

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cihangir Sauna Istanbul - Gay Friendly

Cihangir Sauna Istanbul - Gay Friendly: Cihangir Sauna by Turkish Bath Guide. Ultimate guide of gay sauna, hammam and bath houses in Istanbul including maps and reviews

"The entrance is 70 liras (apprx 5 $). They do not give the clients the choice of selecting the masseurs. Whoever is available in line does the massage when you request. A Syrian masseur gave me the massage, which was OK. He said an half an hour of massage was 70 liras, but it actually it lasted only 20 minutes. For 20 minutes I didn't get the relaxation I expected.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Historical Balat Cavus Hamami Istanbul

Historical Balat Cavus Hamami Istanbul: Balat Cavus Hamam is a historical neighbourhood Turkish bath located in rising Balat district of Istanbul popular with its colorful historical houses and lovely cafe shops. It is located close to Fener Patriarchate.

Balat Cavus Hamami (07:00 - 22:20)

Address: Ayvansaray Mah. Çavuş Hamamı Sk. No:1/1, Balat, Fatih/, Istanbul. & Foursquare/
Customer Profile:  Mostly local Turks and some tourists
Price is around 4-5 $ for entrance and 10 $ including full massage service.
Located in rising Balat district of Istanbul popular with its colorful historical houses and lovely cafe shops, Balat Cavus Hamam is a traditional Turkish hammam, where locals and tourists go. It's so pretty cheap with amazing Turkish hospitality. Also recommended for massage and scrubbing. Nice and caring staff with strong hands so get your body ready for some proper treatment. Good relaxing atmosphere overall. You get a small room to keep your belongings and literally they provide everything. Turkish and Russian spoken. The place is 2 minutes far from Balat tram station.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Gay Bars and Clubs in Istanbul


It's been hard to track LGBT+ venues during Covid 19 period for us also. This is a summary of recent changes we are able to obtain as of September 2021.

***In August 2020 they bought the rival Chaplin Cafe and moved to their address, where Chaplin Cafe used to be located, after operating on Imam Adnan Sokak for almost two decades

***Former Chianti Bar moved to a new address with a new name.
Rio Bar (20:00-02:00)
Address: Istiklal cad. Oğüt Sokak, No: 6, Kat 1 (1st floor), Taksim, Beyoglu.

***A new gay club was opened:
Stay Club (22:00-05:00)
Address: Imam Adnan Sok, No 8, Kat 3 Beyoglu, Istanbul

***Following venues have been closed down
Chaplin Cafe - In August 2021 it was bought by the rival gay cafe, Mor Kedi
Chianti Bar - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Durak Pub - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Club 17 - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Haspa Club - They moved to Bodrum in 2019

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Istanbul gay bars, gay clubs, discos, gay friendly cafe bars in Istanbul listed with up-to-date addresses, descriptions, visitor reviews, location maps and more.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Pinokyo Cafe & Bar Istanbul

In 2021 Pinokyo Bar moved to a new place on the same street right across the previous one.

Pinokyo Cafe & Bar Istanbul: Pinokyo Bar address, location map, pictures, videos, comments and reviews by Istanbul Gay Bar; the Guide of Gay Bars and Clubs in Istanbul